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I was fortunate enough to find my way to the Central Coast in the year 2000 as part of a business venture partnership in which my primary responsibility was management of a motel property in Shell Beach.

As a small, independent operator on an even smaller budget I received a crash course in property maintenance; I had to teach myself to sweat copper pipe to repair leaks, clear drains and install p-traps, reset wax rings on toilets, hang drywall, install windows, lay brick, patch asphalt, slurry a roof and install and repair landscape irrigation. At the time, I resented spending more time in attics and crawl spaces than at the beach but that experience proved to be a great foundation for the career in rental property management I never expected to have. Read more

I'm certainly not the best tradesman, but having a general understanding of how things work helps me evaluate what repairs are needed to properly take care of a property and having done many things wrong myself I'm particular about making sure those hired repairs are done well. More valuable still was the experience I gained dealing with people; I certainly met more people in those four years of motel management with nightly and weekly rentals of fourteen motel rooms than my first four years of professional property management screening applicants and the real estate business is first and foremost about people.


In 2002 I obtained my real estate license to help manage the and divest of real property owned by the partnership and following the dissolution of that business I went on to work as a salesperson for a large national real estate chain. Newly licensed in a fast paced real estate market was exciting but a large national chain wasn't a good fit for me. When I was asked to join a small partnership in Las Vegas flipping houses I jumped on the opportunity and there I gained a lot more experience (sometimes doing things wrong) building decks, laying tile, cutting concrete, installing doors, cabinets and countertops. One of the projects I worked on was featured in the early versions of home renovation television, A&E series Flip That House. This was an amazing experience in a completely new environment and I had the opportunity to frequently travel to China to source and import building materials but with the housing prices in the country at dramatically decreasing and temperature in Las Vegas dramatically increasing in the summer of 2008 I returned to the Central Coast. I soon renewed my California real estate license and went to work for a small brokerage in San Luis Obispo. A small company focused on personal service was a much better fit for me than the larger national chain and over the course of 12 years there working full time, focused on real estate sales and residential rental management, I learned a great deal and built a solid foundation. I founded Link Real Estate Group, Inc. in order to continue to expand on that foundation and take advantage of all the tools currently available in the real estate industry in order to provide the very best service and experience for our clients, customers and the agents who work there.

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